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Even just 10 short years ago, mental health coverage was not an option on many health insurance plans. Too many people still had the stigma and assumptions about mental health in their minds, both professionally and personally.

As more states began mandating this type of coverage, insurance companies became more accepting of mental health issues as actual claims for insurance coverage purposes. When you are searching for mental health coverage, it will be easier than it might have been a decade ago, but it still requires some time and attention on your part. Health Insurance Plans from Assurant Health

Life Insurnace?

Death Benefit only – pays a lump sum upon the death of the life (or lives) assured.

Critical Illness only - pays a lump sum in the event of a qualifying illness being diagnosed e.g. certain cancers, heart disease or multiple sclerosis.

Death or earlier Critical Illness Cover - pays a lump sum, so that the life assured is protected in the event of either death or critical illness. The policy pays out on the first event and then ceases.

Death plus additional Critical Illness Cover – this is the same as the above, however, if a critical illness claim occurs, and a payment is made to the life assured, the policy continues to provide life assurance for the remainder of the term. This is more expensive than the first event option as you effectively receive twice the cover.

If you do not have insurance


If you do not have insurance or if the cost of adding mental coverage to your existing insurance is too much, you will want to find insurance companies that offer this coverage. See what types of limits and covered services they include, and what the costs of the coverage are.

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Compare these different policies to find the best coverage for your mental health needs. The average offering from insurance companies is about 20-30 visits with a mental health professional each year, of which about 50-80% of the costs are covered. If you do not find a plan this good, keep searching.


Health Insurance for the Unhealthy


Proposers (you) must agree to provide your insurer all the information they need.

If you don’t provide accurate details, your health insurer can refuse to pay your claim or could end your policy.

Proposers (you) agree to pay your premiums on time so long as you want cover.

When a customer stops paying your premiums, your insurance cover will stop and your insurer will only pay for health costs you paid or agreed to pay, up to the date your last premium was paid.

When wanting to renew your cover each year, your premiums may increase.

Unless a customer's policy includes a “no-claims discount”, premiums are not affected by the number of claims you make.

If the insurance company plans to make any change to the terms of your policy, they will tell you in writing before you renew your policy.

If a customer wishs, you will still be able to continue with your cover.

If you switch insurance companies, you may not be insured for conditions or treatments covered by your existing policy. Please discuss this with your Health Insurance Adviser.

Ensure you the customer fully understand the consequences before you switch to a new insurer.

You will receive the Policy Documents relating to your policy.

Please read them and make sure you keep to the Terms and Conditions

You can able to cancel your policy within the first 14 days. (Some insurers may allow a longer period, check it out.)

If you cancel within the 14 day cancellation period, you will usually be entitled to a full refund of the premium you have already paid, so long as you have not made a claim. If you wish to cancel the policy after the cancellation period, and you have paid in advance, you might not get a refund.

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